repertoire 1550 – 1828

yellow tinges copy 2store palatino;”>CPE Bach
                    Prussian Sonata no. II
JS Bach
                    Two – Part Inventions
                    French Suite no. 3, 6
                    Partita no. 6
                    Well Tempered Clavier – selections
                    Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue
                    Italian Concerto
                    Adagio in G
                    Goldberg Variations
                    Notebook for Anna Magdalena
PDQ Bach
                    Notebook for Betty Sue Bach
                    Short Tempered Clavier – selections
                    Three Teeny Preludes
                    Chaconne in D
                    Chorale Preludes for Organ
                    Bagatelles op 126
                    Sonatas Op 2 no. 1, 2, 3
                    Op 14 no. 1, 2, Op 27 no.1, 2
                    Op 31 no. 2, 3, Op 49 no.1, 2
                    Op 81a, Op101, Op 109, Op 111
John Bull
                    The King’s Hunt
                    In Nomine
William Byrd
                    Walsingham Variations
Francois Couperin
                    Le Rossignol
Louis Daquin
                    Le Coucou
John Dowland
                    O now, I need must part (arr. P. Grainger)
Joseph Haydn
                    Fantasia in Coutside shot2
                    Variations in f minor
                    Adagio in F
Wolfgang Mozart
                    Sonatas K310, 311, 330, 332, 333, 545, 576
                    Variations “Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman”
                    Le Tambourin
Domenico Scarlatti
                    Sonatas – Various
Franz Schubert
                    4 Impromptus Op 90
                    Moments Musicaux
                    Piano Sonatas – no 13(A), no 18 (G)