Repertoire 1937 – present




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In Darkness let me Dwell
Samuel Adler
The Song expands my Spirit
William Albright
Timo Andres
At the River
How can I live in your world of ideas?
It takes a long time to become a good     composer
Milton Babbitt
The Old Order Changeth
Three compositions for Piano
PDQ Bach
Three Teeny Preludes
Short Tempered Clavier
Notebook for Betty Sue Bach
Drew Baker
National Anthem
Stress Position
Samuel Barber
Micromosmos selections
Allegro Barbaro
Romanian Folk Dances
Out of Doors Suite
Paul Barsom
Richard Belcastro
Evil Monkey
Gerard Beljon
Shattered Silence
Alban Berg
Piano Sonata no.1
William Bolcom
Three Ghost Rags
Garden of Eden
Anne Boyd
John Cage
Daughters of the Lonesome Isle
In a Landscape
Sonatas and Interludes
Fulvio Caldini
Toccata Op 38a
Toccata II op 45
Toccata III op 49
So slow
Aaron Copland
Piano Variations
Piano Sonata
Resting place on the Hill
Henry Cowell
The Banshee
Aeolian Harp
Lilt of the Reel
Tides of Manauuaun
George Crumb
Little Suite for Christmas
Makrokosmos -12 Fantasy pieces
Alvin Curran
From Eleanor Rigby
When I’m 64
Jed Distler
The Woman who Danced
The Anthem at Woodstock
Jacob Druckman
Seven Deadly Sins
William Duckworth
Time Curve Preludes
Daniel Felsenfeld
Cohen Variations
Matt Fuerst
The Drift of Things
Graham Fitkin
Cone Gatherers
Johannes Fritsch
Kyle Gann
War is just a Racket
Alberto Ginastera
Danzas Argentina
Sonata no.1
Osvaldo Golijov
Morton Gould
Boogie Woogie Etude
Peter Garland
Waves Breaking on Rocks
The Fall of Quang Tri
Goddess of Liberty – You’ve got to Hide   your Love away
Stephen Gorbos
Surely some Revelation?
Percy Grainger
Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol
One more day my John (Sea chanty)
Irish Tune from County Derry
Shepherd’s Hey
Beautiful Fresh Flower
Molly on the Shore
My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone
Country Gardens
Roy Harris
American Ballads
Robert Helps
Pig Town Fling
Three Hommages
Alan Hovhannes
Charles Ives
The Celestial Railroad Phantasy
Sonata no.1
Concord Sonata
Song without (Good) words
Keith Jarrett
Old Man River
Over the Rainbow
John King
Rain and Revolution
David Lang
This was written by hand
While Nailing at Random
Lowell Liebermann
Gargoyles Op 29 no.1
György Ligeti
Etude no 16
Ingram Marshall
Authentic Presence
Per Nørgård
Light of a night (Paul meets Bird)
Leo Ornstein
A Morning in the Woods
To a Grecian Urn
Adiós nonino tango rhapsody
Francis Poulenc
Trois Pièces
Tania Leon
Tumbao Etude
Patrick Long
Sonata without Words
Marc Mellits
Agu – Sheep Bells
Agu – Triumph of the Water Witch
Agu – You’re a Fake
Medieval Induction – Etude no.1
Defensive Chili – Etude no.2
Barbara Monk-Feldman
Doug Opel
3 Preludes to missing the point.
Eine Kinda Bachmusik
It gets Complicated
Carter Pann
The Cheesegrater
Arvo Pärt
Fur Alina
Tobias Picker
Old and Lost Rivers
Marc Pollard
Carillon for Sacha
Sergei Prokofiev
Sonatas No.1, 6, 7.
Kevin Puts
Alternating Current
David Rubenstein
Chopsticks Variations

Frederic Rzewski
A walk in the woods
Back to Earth
Leaks and Plugs
The People United
Four North American Ballades
Short Fantasy on “Give Peace a Chance”
De Profundis
Mayn Yingele
To His Coy Mistress
David Rubenstein
Chopsticks Variations
Fazil Say
Black Earth
Arnold Schoenberg
Five Piano pieces Op 23
Peter Sculthorpe
David Shaub-Stallings
The Transient Effects of Light on Water
Dmitri Shostakovich
6 Children’s pieces
Prelude and Fugue no 24 Op 87
William Grant Still
A deserted Plantation
James Tenney
Do you want to now a secret
Love me Do
Jacob Ter Veldhius
Body of your Dreams
On and Off Situation Blues
Joan Tower
Or like a…an Engine
Holding a Daisy
Vast Antique Cubes
Throbbing Still
Lois Vierk
To Stare Astonished at the Sea
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Villa Lobos
Alma Brasileira
Carl Vine
Sonata no. 1
Judith Zaimont
American City: Portrait of New York
Rush Hour
Harbor Fog
Coffee Hour
Central Park
Garment City
Hitchin’ – A Travelling Groove