Eye Ear I Hear

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On a 10 hr road trip from the east coast to a performance in Chicago, order Pat Long and I spent many hours lamenting the fact that when visual ideas are combined with aural ideas – the ear always takes a backseat to what the eye observes. This program is the outcome of that conversation. This trailer is a 6 min overview of the program. Below are some anonymous comments solicited from audience members who have already seen this program.

“I will remember this recital forever – powerful”  (Audience member – Syracuse University, vialis 40mg N.Y.)


“This program forces you to listen” (Audience member – Wheaton College, IL)


“Music and text have been used together since the Ancient Greeks – technology just allows new ways of exploring an ancient concept. When you see this program you realize that music and text is still really powerful. I’d say the Greeks totally got it right and it is still relevant today” (Audience member – Arkansas State University, AR)




Poetry begins to atrophy when it gets too far from music……….. Ezra Pound